Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Mom says to me, "I'll get some sleep when the sun goes down." Heh, guess what happens when you fly west.....


Mom is getting excited...


The entire family is there to greet us at the airport.


A quick pic with Ann, Mike, and their friend Bang before we part ways.


Ritual washing of Mom's hands upon our arrival.


Ben shows off his mighty jackfruit.


Mom teaches us proper fishing net handling.


LOL...mom crosses another bridge.


The kids love us after we buy them all ice cream.




I adore these kids...


Mom shows us how to weave silk.


Uhh...the buffalo really roam here...


Monk coming thru the village to collect alms.


Tarantula nest


Ben and Doi hauling logs


Ganjanee demonstrates the rice hulling machine.


Noi, Ben, and Uncle Namot


Gecko on the bathroom ceiling


Picnic in a parking lot


This lady makes the best damn tom sum.


Sticky rice vendor


The gang's all here...


Uncle entertains us with the kan.


Our first dtuk-dtuk ride.


Ben poses with the golden guards.


Mam finally cracks a smile.


Ben in the courtyard of the Grand Palace.


One of the king's courtesans? Mom relaxes at the Grand Palace.


What a gentleman...Ben gives up his seat to a woman on a Bangkok bus.


Giant mosquito


A takes Mann and Gik for a ride.


Four sisters at the top of the temple near Leung Nok Tha.


Doi is proud of the illegal rice wine he procured on the streets of Chinatown...yeah...they sell it in kerosene containers.


Korn, Doi, Mom, and Nick


Ben documents A, Mam, and Dui feeding the fish.


Sweet...we finally found it...


Holiday near Cambodia --- Ben chugs some Singha in the jungle at Chanthaburi national park.


Ann feeds the fish green beans at Chanthaburi national park.


Not worrying about malaria at Koh Chang...


White Sands beach at Koh Chang.


At the top of the temple near Leung Nok Tha.


Remote controlled fans...


Not really all that different from the U.S.


Thai boy scout


Mom and Uncle pray at the body of the recently deceased head monk.


Ben helps the men hang a bell at the village temple.


Women weaving rice baskets.


Miles of smiles --- Mom reunited with her childhood best friend.


Kids and machetes...

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